Name:                         Deep Bhatia, EFIAP, FIIPC

Contact:                      9888040643

Style of Photography: Pictorial, Creative, Surreal, Conceptual, Montaging, Studio

Email Address:        amitdrbhatia@hotmail.com

Honours:                     EFIAP, FIIPC

Equipment used:       Nikon D750 Nikkor LENS  D24-120, NIKKOR 70-300


Born in hilly village of District Solan of Himachal Pradesh, India , Deep Bhatia started Photography as a hobby in 1986, while working as an Economic Investigator in Government of India. In his debut year in photography, he was inspired by the first prize he won in a photo competition organized by Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh. He started experimenting in the dark room techniques in the early years, and then switched on to post processing software viz. Photoshop in the digital era.


He has got more than 2000 acceptances in National and International Salons, Photo Competitions, and Exhibitions recognized by PSA, FIAP, RPS, FIP and IIPC. His works has been accepted and in 23 countries. He has got to his credit more than 300 Awards, Medals, Honorable Mentions, Certificates of Merit and Ribbons in various Photo Competitions. He has showcased his works in solo shows, two at Chandigarh and one in Patiala in the years 1992 and 1999.


He was awarded an International Honors in Pictorial Monochrome Photography in 1999 i.e. AIIPC (Associate of India International Photographic Council.  He was also awarded international distinction “EFIAP” (EXCELLENCE Federation International de l’ Art Photographique) Belgium in 2015. He was awarded an International Honors in Pictorial Colour Photography in 2016 i.e. FIIPC (Fellowship of India International Photographic Council the highest honour of IIPC.

He conducts regular workshops for students of photographic art, photography clubs, and schools and also acts as Jury members to judge the photographs in National/ International Photographic Competitions/Salons. He has inspired and guided many photo enthusiasts in the field of photographic art particularly Salon photography and many of them has excelled in their respective fields today.


Deep Bhatia is an avid photographer and wants to excel further in fine art photography and help groom others in photographic art willing to learn and improve.