Neetu Katyal


A gifted Photoartist and teacher, Sh Deep Bhatiaji, his Photography Workshops have benefitted me beyond imagination. The information and acquired skills learned in the workshop are helping me achieve my goals in photoart. Creating images that only I had dreamt of; have started emerging true, giving me confidence and added zeal to pursue this art further.

I would truly recommend the workshop to any aspiring photoartist who’s dreaming high.

Neetu Katyal



Jitendra Tiwari


“It was immense pleasure to attend the workshops done by Deep Bhatiaji. The amount of learning which i acquired from these workshops are so useful and i am applying it is all my segments of photography. All the workshops were excellently planned with all the minutes details which most of the learning photographers struggle day to day. The amount of time spent on each topic with handson working and help was so apt and useful. His indepth knowledge and explaining it, so simple but effective ways are amazing.

I would love to be part of all his future workshops and i highly recommend these to all my fellow enthusiast and young professional photographers.”

Jitendra Tiwari

Gurgaon, 02.12.2016


Kamal Sharma


Attending your workshops completely changed my style of photography and post processing.  So many new frontiers explored. Just 2 workshops and i already benefited by getting international award and acceptances for my images. Your workshops present such complex looking techniques in such a lucid manner. Am so thankful to you and look forward to learn more from you.





Binay Rawal



Beyond Expectation

My journey towards Photo Montage


Dear friends

Hello  !!!  Today, I will share a very secret of my ‘Photo Montage Journey’. Before summer 2016, I was a stranger in this field and was much fascinated whenever I would saw any digital montage made through Photoshop and Raw editing. I used to participate in national and international photography Salon but my images were not much more accepted. During July 2016 I heard that Mr. Deep Bhatia from Chandigarh is conducting a special workshop for photo editing for surrealistic montaging. Though this topic was much more fascinating me, I straight away booked my ticket for travel and hotel. I reached there and noticed that I was only participate from this far distance as I travelled from Varanasi to Chandigarh. But, friends, I can assure you that the things and treatment I learned there was amazing as Mr. Bhatia is a GREAT MASTER.


After this workshop my acceptancy in National/International Salon has been increased like anything and by now my 17 works (images) has been accepted more than 40 times in five different countries and 10 salons and three has been awarded too. Friend, all credit goes to Mr. Deep Bhatia Sir  for introducing me in this “Digital Photo Montage” field.


Binay R. Rawal

Diploma in photography, LIIPC, Life Member: FIP & IIPC, Founder Secretary: Foto Petals, Varanasi, Ex-Guest Lecturer in Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi




Vinod Chauhan,




Dear Bhatiaji,

Thanks for your invitation to the  ‘ Workshop on Post Processing “, which surely I would ensure to attend keeping it on my Top Priority.

Bhatiaji, I have attended almost all of your workshops and lectures which is now becoming a habit for me.


I am very happy and honored to have you as a mentor. I look upon you as my mentor, motivator and trainer. Also I see an elder brother in you.

Your all workshops and your training techniques and methodology has been very unique and different. You really touch the heart , soul and mind of all participating members,


Above all your approach to all individuals is equal and sharing of knowledge is to utmost extent without any inhibitions or reservations. Also  your approach to every session of yours is awesome and Clinical.


Wish you all success in your all upcoming workshops and you can always count one student in me  in all of your sessions.





On Fri, Dec 9, 2016 at 3:54 PM,


Satish Verma



Deep Bhatia Sir,

Your programme was of immense help. It introduced me to the nuances of portrait photography, creative
use of lighting and props. The results were amazing. I have only regret, why i didn’t meet you earlier.

I will look forward for more learnings from you.

Wishing you godspeed in all your endeavours,

Satish Verma
On Wed, 30 Nov 2016 06:52:26 +0530

Arun Khanna

Arun Khanna, AFIP


Life had dealt me a strange hand. I had to move to my new place of posting leaving my critically ill mother in the care of my family. And it was then, about five years ago, that Destiny placed a camera in my hand. Little did I know that as the grains of sand fell through the hour glass, leaving mounds of days, months and years behind, the camera would become my most trusted buddy. That’s how photography happened to me, as a hobby.

I was taking pictures, getting noticed and being appreciated occasionally for my efforts but for sure I was missing something, that zing and wow factor so essential to keep a photographer going. I didn’t know how to hone my skills. What I needed was touch of a maestro who would stimulate my imagination beyond the routine.

And then destiny dealt another interesting hand when I met Deep Bhatia Sir. An institution in his own right, Mr. Bhatia is an epitome of unfathomable knowledge in photography. Not only are his workshops rich and apt in content but the manner in which Mr. Bhatia elucidates even the most tricky of the subjects reflects brilliance of a genius which he undoubtedly is.

Humble to the core, he takes special pains to complement his lectures with enough study material. The hands on sessions in the tutorial are a classic example of learning through doing.

It is from his workshops that I have tried to imbibe finer nuances of photography, both technical and aesthetic.

His lessons have taught me to see more with mind than with the eye.

I always eagerly look forward to attending more of his workshops.

Arun Khanna